London-based freelance photographer Scott Forrester gained his BA Hons Photography degree in 2004 from the University of Portsmouth. Scott was commissioned by the authors of Discovering London’s Buildings to My Img take all the new photography for the book which was published in 2009. It was a major project which involved over 200 buildings being photographed.

Scott is available for commissions; please contact him directly to discuss your project.

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For image licensing, usage rights and prices please contact Scott with details of your requirements.

“Architectural photography has been defined as photographing beautiful structures or photographing structures beautifully. To do either requires patience, a keen-eye and good luck with the weather. Scott Forrester has all ofMy Img these, plus the technique to avoid the camera tilt and converging verticals which characterise the work of the amateur. When the publisher at Frances Lincoln agreed to take on Discovering London's Buildings he said that it would be the quality of the photography that would set it apart: it is thanks to Scott that his expectations and those of the authors were fulfilled.”

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